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Karnali Province Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law

The Karnali Province Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law serves as a pivotal governmental body overseeing a spectrum of responsibilities crucial for the governance and well-being of the Karnali Province in Nepal. Charged with upholding law and order, the ministry coordinates and supervises law enforcement agencies, including the police force, to ensure public safety and maintain orderliness across the province.

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ICT Foundation Nepal

ICT Foundation Nepal (IFN) is a non-profit organization aimed to work towards the country’s mission of digital transformation. It works in policy-level plans, discussions, and execution of various ICT initiatives in collaboration with local and central-level government bodies. It has been supporting Nepali startups and innovations that work in the field of digital literacy for their growth and opportunity scalability.

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About Digital Karnali Initiative

Digital Karnali Conclave 2024 is an initiative to incline all the concerned actors and stakeholders towards the vision of Digital Karnali Province.

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