Day – 01
1st March 2024 (2080 Falgun 18)

Theme 1: Thought Leadership for Digital Karnali

11:30 AM

Registration Begins

12:15 PM

Welcome Performance (Dance/Song)

12:20 PM

Seating on the Dias and Digital Opening

12:30 PM

Welcome Address –
Realizing the Mission: Key Elements of Strategy for Digital Karnali

Mr. Krishna Bahadur GC

Mr. Krishna Bahadur GC

Hon. Minister
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, Karnali Pradesh

12:40 PM

Message for Digital Karnali

12:45 PM

Welcome Address

Mr. Ganesh Shah

Mr. Ganesh Shah

Former Minister and Patron
ICT Foundation Nepal

12:50 PM

Reflection from the Ground –
Stories of Journeys: Digital Karnali Pradesh

Video Documentary and Presenter:

Asst. Prof. Mr. Pancha Dev Bhatta

Asst. Prof. Mr. Pancha Dev Bhatta

Mid Western University (MWU)

13:00 PM

Keynote 1:
Powering the Digital Karnali: Present Status and charting the course ahead

Mr. Yogendra Shahi

Mr. Yogendra Shahi

Hon’ble VC
Karnali Province Planning Commission, Karnali Pradesh

13:25 PM

Keynote 2:
Digital Transformation Solutions and Ecosystem (for Karnali)

Mr. Manohar Kumar Bhattarai

Mr. Manohar Kumar Bhattarai

ICT Expert and Former VC

14:10 PM

Guest Remarks

14:20 PM

Power Panel Session:
Thought Leadership for Digital Karnali

Mr. Kamal Lamsal

Mr. Kamal Lamsal

Hriti Foundation


Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Shahi

Mr. Mahendra Bahadur Shahi

Former Chief Minister,
Karnali Pradesh and Hon. Member, House of Representatives, Nepal


Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi

Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi

Former, Chief Minister
Karnali Pradesh and Hon. Member, Karnali Provincial Assembly

15:10 PM

Remarks from the Chief Guest: 
Digital Capability of Karnali

15:25 PM

Token of Appreciation

15:30 PM

Vote of Thanks

Mr. Razan Lamsal

Mr. Razan Lamsal

ICT Foundation Nepal

Theme 2: Laying the Foundation for Digital Karnali

16:00 PM

Lightning Presentation: Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity in Karnali

Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Deputy Director
Nepal Telecommunications Authority

16:15-17:15 PM

Panel Discussion: Laying the Foundation for Digital Karnali

Theme 3: Data, Disaster, and Digital Development

17:30 PM

Lightning Presentation: Data Governance and Disaster Management in Karnali

Mr. Pradip Khatiwada

Mr. Pradip Khatiwada

Executive Director
Youth Innovation Lab

17:45 PM

Lightning Presentation: Leveraging Data and Technology for Development

Ms. Ojashwi KC

Ms. Ojashwi KC

Program Associate
The Asia Foundation

18:00-19:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Data, Disaster, and Digital Development

19:15 PM

First day – Closing Note / Special Guest Remarks

Day – 02
2nd March 2024 (2080 Falgun 19)

Theme 04: Digital Economy and Investment for Digital Karnali

8:30 AM

Sharing session on
Ideas and Initiatives for Digital Karnali

9:15 AM

Reflection from Day -01 with Photos/Videos from Day -01

Mr. Hariram Rimal

Mr. Hariram Rimal

ICT Foundation Nepal

9:30 AM

Lightning Presentation: Investment Opportunities for Digital Karnali

Mr. Richan Shrestha

Mr. Richan Shrestha

NAS-IT, Nepal

9:45-10:45 AM

Panel Discussion: Digital Economy and Investment for Digital Karnali

10:45 AM

Session Chair’s Remarks

Mr. Bed Raj Singh

Theme 05: Unleashing the Potentials for Building Digital Leadership for Digital Karnali

11:00 AM

Lightning Presentation: Strengthening the Digital Leadership and Governance at Local, Provincial, and Federal Level

Mr. Nagesh Badu

Mr. Nagesh Badu

e-Goverance Expert

11:15-12:30 PM

Panel Discussion: Unleashing the Potentials for Building Digital Leadership for Digital Karnali

Theme 06: Harmonizing Digitalization and Development for Digital Karnali

13:30 PM

Keynote Presentation: Paving the way for Digital Transformation in Karnali:  Key Action Point

Dr. Dipendra Rokaya

Former VC
Karnali Province Planning Commission

13:45 -14:45 PM


14:50 PM

Session Chair’s Remarks

Hon. Chief Minister
Karnali Pradesh

15:00 PM

Key Takeaway from Digital Karnali Conclave

15:30 PM

Digital Karnali Conclave  – Declaration

Session Chairs Closing Remarks

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